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Sos-full form
Sos-full form

Sos-full form

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sos-full form

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SOS, Save our Definition of SOS in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. Dec 14, 2012 - three dashes, and three dots all run together with no spaces or full stops (---). A call or signal This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of SOS is. It signals that a person is in danger and needs help to get What does SOS stand for? | definition of SOS | Explanation of SOS | abbreviation of SOS | Full form of short form SOS. Internet Slang. SOS, Stuff On a Shingle (polite form; common military chow hall meal; meat/cream sauce served on toast) . The slang word / acronym / abbreviation SOS means . Full browser ? The letters that are represented by the Morse code signal · · · - - - · · ·, used as an international distress signal, especially by ships and aircraft. SOS remained the maritime radio distress signal until 1999, when it was In International Morse Code, three dits form the letter S, and three dahs make the?CQD -?SOS (disambiguation) -?Global Maritime Distress and -?Distress signalWhat is the full form of SOS ? - Yahoo Answers 5, 2006 - In popular usage, SOS became associated with phrases such as "Save Our Souls", "Save Our Ship", and "Send Out Sailors". Since three dots form the letter "S" and three dashes form an “O” in the signal came to be called an “SOS” for the sake of convenience.2. A list of Answer (1 of 22): In day to day life SOS is the international code for distress "save our souls".In Medical Terminology, SOS is the abbreviation for Si-Opi-Situm. CODE, ABBREVIATION. However, these phrasesWhats the full form of SOS? - Answers - Yahoo3 answers14 Aug 2009Whats the full meaning of SOS? - Yahoo Answers22 answers30 Apr 2009What is the abbrevation of sos? when doctor 5 answers4 Mar 2007What are SOS calls and what is the fullform of SOS 5 answers15 Jan 2007More results from does SOS stand for? - › Regional › CurrenciesCachedSimilarLooking for the definition of SOS? Find out what is the full meaning of SOS on! The Web's Couldn't find the full form or full meaning of SOS? SOS Full Form : SOS, sometimes referred as "Save Our Ship", an in International Morse code Signal.
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